How Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez’s Relationship Is After Breakup Reports

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez took a surprising step yesterday: The morning after several stores independently reported that their four-year relationship had ended, the couple released a statement saying they were still together despite having some problems: ” All reports are inaccurate. We are working on some things, “said the two.

Folks, Page Six and E! I’ve got more details on what happened behind the scenes after shared reports were initially released – and how much work A-Rod has to do to convince Lopez that they can save things in the long run.

E! was told by a source that J. Lo and A-Rod were “surprised” by how quickly news of their alleged breakup spread. After all, the TMZ reported on Friday that they broke up on the same day.

E! The source made it clear: Rodriguez knows it’s up to him to prove to Lopez that things can work out between them. “Alex convinces Jennifer to try things. Jennifer gives herself time to think about her future,” explained the source. “They have multiple investments together and their children are incredibly close. The idea of ​​unraveling seems so daunting that she doesn’t want to end the relationship too soon.” And things could still end very well, the source added: “Alex is fully aware that this relationship is currently hanging by a thread.”

Page 6 was told that Lopez and Rodriguez were up all night on Friday talking about their future after breakup reports were released. “They’re trying to work things through … but it’s unclear if that means they’ll stay together,” a source close to the couple told the outlet who initially spread the word of their split.

Several sources generally told the point of sale, “They haven’t been together in the past two weeks and have not been good in the past few days. They had some crazy problems. “

Meanwhile, people spoke to a source close to the couple who wanted to clarify despite some other reports. Rodriguez’s Southern Charm Madison LeCroy scam rumors caused problems in J. Lo and A-Rod’s relationship in general. “

Lopez and Rodriguez had spoken about the split but never made it official, the source added, “They never officially broke up and talked about it, but are still together. They have reached a difficult point. But they were not separated. She works in the Dominican Republic [filming Shotgun Wedding] and he’s in Miami so it’s hard to see each other, especially with quarantine and COVID, but they want to try to stay together. “

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